Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sneak Peak: Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics

Christmas in July! At least that's what my package from Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics felt like. Here's a sneak peak at what I ordered:

***Edit*** I should mention that they are running a sale this weekend for orders over ten dollars!

It came adorably wrapped in black tissue paper with a blue ribbon and a pin as well.

The five samples (75 cents each!) came packed in a black envelope with a silver foil and business cards. Each sample is individually labelled with its name and the ingredients in each color. I had opted for their vegan eye shadows. While I'm not a vegan, the less animals I harm or utilize, the better. I had actually ordered only four samples, but they threw in a fifth: Gangrene. That would be the bright green on the bottom.

Here's a close up of the colors. Versailles (copper with metallic sheen) is my favorite. All are quite pigmented and from initial playing around, apply true to the color in the bag. Only Ladies In Waiting (pink with heavy shimmer) applies a little sheer, but that is to be expected from such a light color.

Swatches in artificial light. From left to right: Revolution (matte black), Gangrene (neon green with more of a yellow hue and shimmer), Ladies In Waiting (sheer white-pink with heavy shimmer), Versailles (copper with metallic sheen) and le Chocolate (espresso brown with light shimmer).

The same colors in natural light. Much more pigmented and true to what they look like in person. I am excited to experiment with them!

Disclosure: All of these were purchased by myself. In no way am I affiliated with Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics.


  1. Yay! Somehow, Gangrene looks really good with what ya got, but I think my fav is Ladies in Waiting! AND SALE! HOORAY!

  2. I haven't tried Gangrene yet, but all the other colors are divine. I don't normally dabble with bright colors, but the green looks like it will go well on the undereye rim with a darker olive on the top lid.