Sunday, July 17, 2011

ARC's Ladies in Waiting, Versailles and le Chocolat

Last week I flashed some swatches of the eye shadows I got from Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics along  with the adorable packaging. Since then, I've actively been putting Ladies in Waiting (sheer white-pink with shimmer), Versailles (copper with metallic sheen) and le Chocolat (espresso brown with light shimmer) to good use. The brown/copper/sheer pink combo is great for green eyes that are tinged with yellow (versus blue).

Final product.

Lots and lots of photos after the jump...

This would be Ladies in Waiting on the brow bone and Versailles on the lid (in natural light). As I mentioned in my previous post, Ladies in Waiting goes on very sheer. Fortunately, it doesn't have as much shimmer as I initially thought it would (not a fan of glitter/shimmer on the eyes). Versailles appears a bit more muted in the photo than in person.

The copper nature of Versailles is much more apparent in this photo taken with flash.

I added le Chocolat to the crease and blended into the outer third of the eyelid rim. I also added a little to the outer third of the under-eye rim (not visible in the photos). The top photo is in natural light while the second is taken with flash.

To complete the look, I used Maybelline Unstoppable eyeliner (in Cinnabar) on the top as well as the outer half of the bottom. Last, I curled those straight lashes and applied two coats of Benefit BADgal Lash mascara.

Same as above, but using flash rather than natural sunlight. Oh, so, very pretty with my coppery red hair and green eyes!

Conclusion: With Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, ARC's colors don't move at all! They even made it through a 10 hour shift without budging. I'm extremely happy with the versatility as well. The colors are not too dramatic as to not be able to wear to work, but still highly pigmented. Several coworkers complimented me on on this particular look (on the aforementioned 10-hour shift!).

Go check out Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics! Their sale is still running!

Disclosure: All of these were purchased by myself. In no way am I affiliated with Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics. 


  1. Is BADgal Lash a favorite? And PRETTY! :)

  2. I bought a sampler package of mascaras from Sephora. I am still working my way through a couple, but BADgal Lash is fannnttasstiic! I can't say whether it is my favorite yet, but it is definitly a keeper!