Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dilemma: Undesired two-tone hair!

I hate going to salons. I really do. I feel like an ugly duckling outsider stepping into this secret world inhabited by stylists in five-inch heels, perfect makeup and sleek hair. I haven't gotten my hair colored in a salon in FOUR years. Hence, for my color and cut last Wednesday I came armed with photos of what I wanted as well as being versed in how to articulate it.

The cut came out exactly as I wanted. It's perfect.

The color is, well, the opposite of what I wanted.

Photos and more after the jump.

Anything within the spectrum of dark strawberry blonde, brassy orange, to a natural redhead carrot orange color would have been great. Burgundy-red was not what I wanted; I couldn't have made this more clear. I wanted an orange-toned red. The stylist made a face at my request and asked if I was sure. Yes, yes, yes. I have had orange hair before and rocked it. Photos were shown (see below). She brought out swatches and recommended a shade darker than strawberry blonde as I have naturally dark blonde hair and the color will lighten/fade within two weeks. She colored my roots first, mixed more color, and then completed the rest (extra thirty-five dollar fee for the extra color, yet my hair is just barely touching my shoulders).

One of two photos I showed the stylist.

The second photo I showed her. I love that shade!

It's been a week. My roots/scalp area is barely the brassy orangey color that I wanted. The rest is a medium brown with the slightest hint of burgundy-red. It is without doubt two different colors with the bulk not what I wanted. It essentially looks like I have orange-blonde roots with brown hair. I think the stylist forgot to add the orange/red coloring to the second batch of dye.

The roots.

Another of the roots.

The rest of the very plain brown hair.

Zero makeup. Look at the difference between roots and the rest. :-(

The Dilemma:

Do I call the salon and ask them to fix my hair? I am leaving next Tuesday to celebrate my anniversary (and a new job!). I don't want to go with my hair like this. This has never happened to me and I am dreading making that type of call (and going back to the salon). Or, do I ask for my money back (at least the fee for extra color) and just go grab a bottle of dye to fix the color difference myself?


  1. Roots are a bitch. I've found that if you DIY your hair for a long time (me!) roots are the hardest thing to maintain and they'll always be lighter than the body of your hair (unless you grow it completely out- which is what I'm trying to do, lol). Def warrants a phone call and if the stylist is worth his/her salt, they'll fix it. Or at least give you suggestions.

  2. Also, me not being a pro just a hair dweeb, I would say to achieve that red color, your brown color is gonna have to be lifted 1-2 levels...