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Indulgence Day and Med Spa

Tucked away in an unassuming shopping center in the middle of suburbia, is my favorite place to unwind and have a massage: Indulgence Day and Med Spa. I discovered this gem a little over a year ago and have returned at least three times for a variety of massages. What they lack in spa amenities, they make up for in service, quality and value! Thus far, it is my favorite Los Angeles spa (technically, Long Beach).

Taken from their Facebook page.

Spas and salons tend to be intimidating at times and a cool personality at the front desk can ruin the relaxing mood. This has never been the case here. On this last visit, I was greeted by a young lady with a bright and cheerful personality. It was a warm day and before she even checked me in, a small cup of cold tea was offered. On leaving, she was equally social and engaged in friendly chitchat. A person like that enthuses warmth into a spa.

Taken from website.

The front lobby is luxurious, sumptuous and inviting all at the same time. There are large tinted windows overlooking the street and plenty of natural sunlight is allowed in. It lends an even more approachable air to the spa. The front desk is in a central island with a spa boutique set up on the periphery. Many of my favorite things are incorporated into the decor: mirrors, chandeliers, elevated ceiling, and a rich color scheme. First impressions are everything and Indulgence Day and Med Spa delivers.

The spa houses ten rooms, a shower facility, vanity area and two individual private restrooms. I've been in several of the treatment rooms and have to admit that if you have the one closest to the front desk, you can occasionally here people in squeaky shoes walking down the hallway (a Curb Your Enthusiasm episode comes to mind). For whatever reason, this hasn't been the case when I have been in other rooms further back. The restrooms are large and spacious with a high ceiling. I haven't used the shower facility yet, but touched up at the vanity this time around (located in an alcove off of the main hallway, so not much privacy). The entire spa is bathed in dim lighting, but I noticed in the treatment rooms as well as the restroom that there are light switches to turn on the main lights if need be.

Taken from website. Main hallway. 

While the spa offers facials, treatments, waxing and other services, the massages are what bring me in. Standard massages such as hot stone, Thai, Swedish and deep tissue are all offered. In addition, they feature their signature Muscle Tension Release and also a Bamboo Fusion massage. The hot stone massage is a must-have for rainy winter days! The Bamboo Fusion involves foot long warm bamboo sticks being rolled along your body with varying pressure. I have only seen one other spa offer a massage utilizing bamboo and am surprised more places haven't started offering it. Absolutely sublime experience. For this last visit, I tried out their Muscle Tension Release with a hot paraffin add-on for my feet. My masseuse focused on areas of tension (shoulder blades, forearms and center of the back) and maintained a balance of pressure by never applying too much on one area for extended periods of time. My shoulders were tender and slightly sore the next day; always a sign of a good massage. It has been four days since the visit and not only does my body still feel relaxed, but my feet are all soft and smooth!

One of my favorite things about this spa in general is that they give a great scalp massage as well as aspects of craniosacral therapy. Towards the end of the massage, pressure points on the skull and face are targeted (lightly).

Value-wise, Indulgence Day and Med Spa makes up for the lack of spa amenities (sauna, jacuzzi, etc.). Their standard prices are very competitive for the Los Angeles region. In addition, they run monthly specials; offer numerous discounted packages for multiple treatments in a day; have sporadic deals (ex: rainy day specials); and have a membership program. I have used their monthly and rainy day specials, and even a killer LivingSocial deal. Not once has any staff member given me any qualms about utilizing their specials.

If you are looking to spend a day at the spa lounging, Indulgence Day and Med Spa may not be the best choice. However, if you are looking to get away for a couple hours for a quality treatment with friendly staff at a competitive price, this is the place to go.

Treatment Quality: 10/10
Service & Professionalism: 10/10
Value: 10/10
Design & Decor: 8/10
Cleanliness: 5/5
Amenities: 3/5


I am kicking myself for not having brought a camera. The serene dim lighting proved too dark for my iPhone to compete with. Next time, a camera will be in tow!

Disclaimer: All treatments were purchased on my own behalf. None of the links provide any compensation or affiliate bonuses for myself. The links are purely for information purposes.

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