Friday, July 8, 2011

Boscia Pore Purifying Nose Strips

As a pre-teen, my father would buy Biore Nose Strips and it was always so much fun seeing what got pulled out of our pores (yes, my father would use them as well). I was stoked when I saw the new Boscia Pore Purifying Nose Strips being offered as a sample on Sephora. On the box, it states that there is charcoal powder for pulling out dirt and oil from the pores, silica for excess oil, and witch hazel extract to tighten the appearance of the pores.

I will refrain from publishing a photo of what got pulled out in the strip I used, but there was definitely some small particles and residue. It also pulled out the tiny millimeter length hairs that are on your nose (I didn't even realize there was any!). It was not as exciting as it was at age twelve when I could see visible whiteheads. Thankfully, those are (usually) no longer an issue. Ultimately though, my pores didn't look any smaller nor less visible. In addition, it left a stinging sensation for the next half hour. For someone with clear skin, I am not the target audience. Fifteen dollars for a pack of six of these is not worth the novelty of getting to see what is in my pores. It is a product for people with problematic skin (especially on the nose area). I'll be using the second strip in the sample set to see what I can pull out of my boyfriend's nose! They are certainly fun.


  1. I was curious about these. Nice freebie for sure!

  2. I love picking out samples on Sephora and using codes. This was def something I was excited to try.