Monday, June 27, 2011

Super Steal on Jergen's Natural Glow

Last summer, I made no attempt to gain any pigmentation in my rather pale skin. Actually, I don't think I've tried for color in years. Inspired by 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic's post on Jergen's Natural Glow and having prior experience with it (erm, that would be that mention of years ago), I ventured out to my local Rite-Aid at 9pm on Friday night (apparently, I have no social life)*. They are currently running a lovely special: buy a body Natural Glow product (Express included), and receive the Healthy Complexion Facial Moisturizer free. I opted for the body Natural Glow in Firming. Express formulas tend to scare me; they are quicker potentials for disasters.


This gets better: there were coupons stickered on to some of the bottles for a dollar off. When I got up to the register, the cashier gave me not only a dollar off the Natural Glow, but also the Facial Moisturizer (that was free!). I ended up paying $6.99 for $17.98 worth of products! YAY! You better believe I am going back today to see if they (hopefully) have more bottles with the coupons.

My crappy iPhone photo.

*Along with no social life, I like parenthesis way too much.

Disclaimer: Quite obviously, this was purchased by me.

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