Saturday, June 18, 2011

About Me

What is Aesthetic LA?

Aesthetic LA is a spa and beauty blog with a Southern California approach; primarily focusing on the Los Angeles region. In my own research, beyond Yelp and other similar review sites, I've found a lack of information out there regarding spas and salons in Los Angeles. There are so many wonderful establishments here, yet virtually no news and information regarding them other than nationally-based sites with short blurbs. Gasp! A void space on the internet? Someone has to rise to the challenge to fill the gap!

Who is Ally?

I'm a bubbly girl in my mid-twenties who is better known for culinary and libation pursuits. I manage a restaurant and am involved in the peripheral scene. I'm a Culinary Recruiter for a Hospitality Recruiting Firm here in Los Angeles. Quite fortunately, I can say that I literally have my dream job! Well, unless I got paid to get spa treatments. That might be the only thing better than what I do for a living now.

Wait, then why are you penning a Los Angeles spa and beauty blog?

Growing up, while I wore my drugstore red lipstick and always had a perfect matching red pedicure, I was never really into preening. My skin was lucky if I remember to wash off my make-up. This persisted through my early twenties (which, erm, aren't that far away). A little over a year ago two years ago, I started realizing a few things:

1) Thirty is now less than a half a decade away. Which means fine lines are going to start encroaching on my blessedly clear skin. Being as fair as I am doesn't help the process any.

2) I know nothing about doing my hair (I don't even own a curling iron). I knew nothing about taking care of my skin other than the fact that I needed to start moisturizing. I hardly wore make-up, even to work. And, let's be honest, a woman looks far more polished and professional with even a little mascara and blush. My ignorance was astounding.

3) Spas were not as intimidating as I had always found them to be. In fact, I enjoyed getting massages and salt scrubs. Salons are still a tad more daunting than spas.

Essentially, I realized I needed to start taking better care of myself. Luckily, I found that the process was enjoyable to boot. This blog is more than just trips around Los Angeles in search of rejuvenating bliss, but a primer for other fellow beauty neophytes.


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