Saturday, August 27, 2011

Detox: A Retrospective

Tonight's non-detox dinner: organic filet with foie gras, steamed broccoli, sauteed zuchini and asparagus, raw cherry tomatoes and whole wheat bread. I ate like half of this. 

I made it through just about five days out of the seven I intended to do. To be frank, during that time, I didn't necessarily feel "cleaner" or more energetic. Not in the least. There is a strong chance that I wasn't consuming enough; while I had bought tons of fruits and veggies, I never expected to be so hungry. On the plus side, I consumed ridiculous amounts of produce and water. I'm rather proud of myself to have made it through the workweek despite an invitation to a new bar opening and my coworker's feasting on gourmet pizza.

Ultimately, I feel like I did good for my body. I fueled it with ridiculously good organic food while staying away from chemicals, refined carbs, wheat, refined sugar, caffeine and pesticides. I forgot to mention in my posts, but I also avoided any facial makeup like tinted moisturizer or blush during this time so that nothing clogged my pores. 

I could foresee myself doing this once a year to give my body a break from the moderate amount of other junk I put in it. Next time though, I'm going to do a bit of meal planning so that I have enough snacks and such to make it through the day. 

Best part of the detox: Green smoothies! I'm hooked on making them in the mornings now.
Worst part of the detox: No coffee. I didn't even touch decaf. It's my number one comfort food and was sorely missed. No wonder I broke the detox with it!

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