Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Detox: Day 3 Did-not-hit-the-wall Day

As outlined, I'm forgoing alcohol, caffeine from coffee, sugar, dairy, wheat, non-oceanic animal protein and eggs for seven days. Essentially, I'm sticking to (solely organic) produce, grains and legumes.

The title is a reference to an acquaintance who told me that he always hits the wall on Day 3 of any juice fast/detox/eating healthy. Not that I thought I was jinxed, but, I internally constantly worry when I'm going to lose  my self-control and not be able to make it through a measly seven days.

That said, today was the easiest in terms of temptation. Mainly, I think, because I actually had some sort of non-homemade dish at every meal. I substantially ate more calories today (16 hour day away from home) than any previous day as well as likely the least greens. Which makes me sad. I actually feel rather deprived of salads at the moment and will be sure to pack one for lunch tomorrow. After four meals of my Mediterranean Quinoa, I have one serving left and am ready to retire it for dinner tomorrow.

On the downside, I felt intensely thirsty and unusually warm all day. I also had a headache during the latter part of the evening; enough so to distract me enough on my way home that I missed my freeway merge and had to backtrack. Fail! I think I may have been dehydrated, but I can't figure out how that could have happened just from not drinking water during a three hour class.

Breakfast: Rain Forest smoothie from Renovo- pineapple, fresh orange juice, fresh almond milk, green superfoods and protein. Jesuseffingchrist, this was amazing. Possibly the best green smoothie I have ever had. I got to watch them actually juice and blend all this crap (I wasn't paying attention during the green part and missed out on what they toss in!)

Mid-morning snack: Banana with a sprinkling of crushed raw almonds

Lunch: mediterranean quinoa with sea critters (again) and also a cup of creamless broccoli soup a coworker had gotten with her lunch, but offered to me because she wasn't in the mood for soup.

Dinner: seared ahi tuna and Israeli cous cous from Whole Foods- I grabbed this after my class let out late at 9:45pm. I still had a headache and thought some fuel would help. The seared ahi was considerably larger portions than I expected and I only ended up eating one meaty slice. The Israeli cous cous was a disappointment: I didn't realize upon first glance that it had cranberries in it. I basically ate around them and enjoyed the organic grain (there was also mint and some other herb I couldn't identify).

I opted not to eat dessert last night... however I am munching on frozen grapes at the moment. Now, excuse me while I go pass out.

Odd fact: I am in a wine class and we don't actually drink the wines... we spit them out. Which works out well in line with my detox. I got all the benefits and savoring that I get out of wine without actually drinking alcohol.

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